Basso SA Quality System is certified under the international standards IATF 16949, ISO 9001, QSB and QSB Plus.

IATF 16949 : 2016
Basso SA quality system is certified under IATF 16949 Version 2016.This quality standard, is specific to the automotive industry, and unifies the criteria established by the standards QS 9000 (United States), EAQF '94 (France), VDA 6.1 (Germany) and AVSQ (Italy). This global quality system adopted by Basso corresponds to the main automotive industries demands for off-road vehicles, heavy and medium duty, aviation and the most important replacement markets in the world.

ISO 9001: 2015
It is a general, internationally recognized standard, so it can be applied to any manufacturing industry or service. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has created this system with the objective of establishing international requirements, certainly fulfilled by Basso S. A.

This standard is specific to the Group PSA automotive terminals -Peugeot -Citroën- and General Motors. Basso SA is a direct supplier of these industries at national and international level.

1- Customer satisfaction: Our main objective is to achieve client satisfaction and high quality in all our services and products. We believe our clients define quality and our products must meet their expectations paying the lowest possible cost.

Leadership orientation to quality: Management leadership is constantly oriented towards quality and excellence.

3- Problems detection: Preventing problems rather than detecting them after they have occurred is the way we achieve our excellence in quality. This strategy is the base for success in our business

4- Each person is part of our product process. We guarantee efficient management for the whole quality system and every single employee in the company. We emphasize the idea that each one is part of the process and has an effect in our product quality as in client satisfaction.

5- Continuous Improvement: We commit to excellence working in continuous improvement of our processes and services.

6- Human Resources development: We train our staff and stimulate their potential, building on their knowledge to achieve improvement as is required. We believe each employee is a client regarding the work performed by another employee or regarding a supplier.
For the effectiveness of our company we rely on teamwork and personal growth.

7- Suppliers and customers are our partners: We work together with our suppliers and customers. We consider they are partners in the aim of improving together products and services.