The Environmental Management system is certified under ISO 14001-2015.


Environmental Management Policy

Environment protection is part of BASSO S.A. business philosophy. Therefore it is a must working together with international clients to produce valves of engines that reduce emissions and save energy; in addition to this ecology-friendly behaviour the company certified in mid-2007 the Environmental Management standard ISO 14001:2015.

1- Sustainable Development
There are environmental considerations in all our activities, including new projects; this way we can meet all our needs without compromising the ability of future generations possibilities to meet their needs.

2- Compliance with the applicable regulations is our duty.
Our activities must be carried out within the framework of existing legislation and current regulations

3- Continuous improvement
Our environmental management must improve constantly. The fundamental strategy will be carrying out internal audits of the Environmental Management system.

4- Protecting the environment
We commit to work for the environment protection by minimising resources consumption, preventing pollution, Improving our waste management, using non-contaminant raw materials and resources always that it is possible, taking care of risks and opportunities as we detect them within the framework of our organization.

5- One commitment
The company in its different levels and functions, is committed to this policy. That's why we train all our Human Resources to achieve high standards in environmental performance.

6- Providing Resources
We guarantee the availability of all the necessary resources to fulfil the objectives of this policy