Basso Opens New Facility for Staff

The almost 600 square meter new building features restaurants, a locker area, cafe, kitchen, mezzanine floor, and spacious balconies.   Thanks to the company human capital’s intense effort, the facility was built in record-breaking time.
With 420 square meters of covered surface and 170 square meters of semi-covered surface, the building harmoniously combines traditional construction methods and dry construction techniques. It has reinforced concrete foundations, concrete block masonry, metal framing, sandwich panels with polyurethane insulation for roofing, partition walls built with similar panels and pre-painted sheets.  “We’ve tried to create easy-to-maintain, open, illuminated spaces, where employees feel comfortable,” said Virginia Guissiani, the Project Manager.
“We supply flexible spaces that can be used for meetings or training courses and can, alternatively, become dining areas.”  The concept of sustainability was also integrated into the project. A rain-water harvesting system, for instance, was installed to collect rain-water for reuse in cleaning and flushing toilets. The sandwich panels used for walls and roofing provide additional thermal insulation, which helps reduce and optimize energy use. Double-glazed windows and doors, together with an intelligent lighting system, reduce energy consumption overall.

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