Basso S.A. associates its growth with the human resources development. We believe each of the almost 600 employees is an essential link in the achievement of the business objectives.

For this reason Basso S.A. carries out several internal or external training programs. Besides being beneficial for the company, the courses also provide more tools to the employees to keep them updated and face the challenges of an increasingly demanding environment. On the other hand, we have an introduction-training plan for the people that join the company. This way there is a gradual and harmonic adaptation; the integration with the rest of the staff is in equality terms and without affecting much the various areas. What is more, the appropriate insertion stimulates a positive work environment and in this climate the staff develop their creative and productive skills.

This movement within Human Resources and Basso S.A. unable both people development and company expansion simultaneously. It is a powerful synergy and one of the keys for the organisation success.

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